Easy Self Install – OBDII Hardware


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Notice: Pricing above is for service in the United States. Service in other countries is available. Fees vary based on the country where the service will be used. Contact Modus for a quote on service outside the USA.
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Join our list of HAPPY CUSTOMERS or send it back at no charge!

We know you will find the Zephyr solution everything you have been looking for. In the rare case where it is not the perfect solution for your needs send it back (within 30 days) and you are free and clear of any charges.

Will it work in my car?

Most likely yes! The Zephyr Self Install On Board Diagnostic (OBD) dongle is a compatible with most vehicles after 1996. You can do a quick check for your vehicle using button below. If your vehicle is not compatible no worries. You can use our Pro Install solution.

What about big trucks? No problem!

Some Class 1-4, and all Class 5-8, vehicles require a Pro Install device solution. Medium to heavy-duty commercial vehicles (Class 5-8) have different connectors than common passanger cars and trucks (Class 1-4). No worries we can track them all. Not sure what your vehicle will need? Give us a call and one of our super friendly reps will help! Call Direct: (714) 805-9801.